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WAYS Software
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Bajaj Allianz
‘‘We found all of the team, no matter at what level they were. The complete Team, Programmers, R & D Individuals or Analysts, are to be very professional.,,
Ways Software

Mangesh Gandhi – A.V.P. Legal Dept.
Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co.

‘‘Many companies can provide technology solutions. Very few can combine business knowledge with technology knowledge to help identify and solve business problems and needs,,
Ways Software

Denish Patel, Vice Chancellor,
R.K. University

Sona Ceramic
‘‘The technology solutions are tremendous assets for our company. They have enabled us to save significant money while at the same time providing us tools that allow a new level of monitoring, control and evaluation.,,
Ways Software

Bharat Patel, Director
Sona Ceramic

District Courts
‘‘It has been a pleasure working with Ways Software. I found the Ways Software team to be most dedicated - a team that I found to be bright, aware, focused and committed in what they do. We, on our part, did the maximum we could to be of help and it ended up being great teamwork. Without Ways Software’s dedication, support and brilliant creativity - we could never have pulled it off!   A BIG THANK YOU! ...",,
Ways Software

Hon. M. J. Thakkar, District Judge
Rajkot District Court

‘‘When I first approached Ways Software to develop solutions as per our requirements, I was struck not only by their knowledge and their technical capabilities, but also by their enthusiasm for new ideas. They worked hard to come up with various options, always making changes eagerly and always contributing their own innovative ideas…,,
Ways Software

M. S. Gohel, EDP Manager
Rajkot Municipal Corporation

Sonam	Quartz (MORBI)
‘‘Ways Software has been the right choice for developing solution for our company. Apart from being technologically stable, the company's interpersonal interaction has given us, a third dimension. They are professional and punctual with their work and more than often take initiatives to improve as per our working style.,,
Ways Software

Jayesh Shah, M.D.
Sonam Quartz

Akila News Paper
‘‘I would like to commend you for the excellent service you provided us, getting back to us even at odd hours of the day, to ensure that we met our deadlines on time. The diversity and creativity of the developers at Ways Software has been an ongoing asset. The ability to understand our needs and giving us that little extra is something we have grown to expect from you. You have been able to understand our requirements correctly and have often exceeded expectations...",,
Ways Software

Akila Daily

‘‘There is something special about Ways Software - something to do with its people and I have learnt so many new skills even simply working alongside them. Another area, which was very important, was the development of a project specification document. Finally more than any other feature that I liked most about working with Ways Software was their creativity! Ways Software is like having a person build your house and ending up their best friend...,,
Ways Software

Bhavin Daftary, Advocate
Daftary Law Chambers

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