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In the new global order, a new revolution is sweeping the outsourcing world. It's called "Dedicated Hiring". Ways Software facilitates hiring of developers with required skill set at fixed monthly fees. At our dedicated developer facility, you hire dedicated developers from our pool of talented professionals, or even an entire project, thus having the freedom to manage all manpower and technical resources as per your preferences. Dedicated hiring has proven to be an effective approach for every size and nature of business considering outsourcing specific competencies. Take advantage of

  • Technical expertise at different experience levels
  • No start-up costs or overhead expenses
  • Well-equipped Infrastructure
  • Pay only for the hiring hours
  • Source code and Resell rights exclusive to you
  • Reduced development time

The 'Hire Developer’ services can be of significance to diverse set of companies like,

  • Established IT Companies
  • Product Development Companies
  • Start-up IT companies
  • IT Consulting Companies
  • IT Marketing Firms
  • Web Development Companies
  • Web Designing Firms
  • Web store Owners
  • Web Portal Owners

Easy on your pockets :
With Ways Software’s ‘Hire Developer’ services your employee payroll burden will be next to zero.

Acquire Skilled and experienced developers :
You will have access to the Ways Software’s large and diverse pool of talented professionals. Before hiring, interview and choose the developers with exactly the right expertise for the job. Replacement of any team member is also possible, to meet your expectations.

Focus on Marketing :
Ways Software is well-equipped to manage all programming needs, leaving you enough time and space to streamline your marketing requirements.

Focus on Profitability :
As the work is being outsourced, you can single-mindedly focus on your business model and profit centers rather than trying to manage the cost centers.

Direct Interaction with the developer(s) :
Interact directly with your developer(s) by mail, chat, telephone or video conferencing as and when required.

Secure development environment :
Ways Software follows stringent security measures at its development center to prevent unauthorized access of the data. In addition, All team members sign a project and business specific Non-Disclosure Agreement. The company also ensures that, our people are working in a safe environment.

We will enhance your in-house IT team by engaging the top specialists at prices far below that of hiring full-time, in-house resources or using IT consultants. Our software development teams are comprised of skilled, experienced problem solvers, not just coders and technicians. They can professionally perform high-level tasks, such as product design and architecture. Our managers and software architects have the business acumen to understand your demanding working standards and produce the high-quality custom software products you need.

We ensure that your project meets your objectives by providing an exacting mix of interlinked facilities. Our highly motivated people will work closely with you to develop the right infrastructure and most effective project management tailored to suit your needs. Smooth communications will allow you unrivalled access with your dedicated offshore outsourcing team to provide hassle-free project management from start to finish.

Ways Software offers you much more than offshore development resource(s) and support. We provide the knowledge base, relevant expertise and the hand holding necessary for your outsourced software development and support projects to be entirely successful. We appreciate that you require a maximum return on investment and therefore work with you to ensure this is achieved in time.

Our approach has been carefully established to eliminate problems around renegotiating scope, change control and rates that often lead to project delays and affect relationships with the outsourcing service provider.

Hire on hourly, weekly or monthly basis. Get your project completed just on time.

Hiring developers, designers and other professionals from an offshore development center is an economical measure for your business. Well set in this industry, Ways Software provides its talented staff on a flexible hiring basis who works with the latest web and other technologies to give you the best solutions.

Opt for full time developer for hire at Ways Software. This model has benefits like - strict working hours, staying in contact with your hired team, provision of daily reporting etc. Our dedicated developers for hire work towards completing your project within the stipulated time-frame.
Benefits of Full time hiring
  • Timings: 8 hours a day, 5 days a week
  • Communication channels: Chat, IM, Email
  • Holidays: Weekends, major Indian festivals
  • Billing: Monthly
  • Hiring period: At least 2 months
  • Manage everything of your own accord
Hire our developers on a part time basis. Although they work for a reduced number of hours, they are fully committed to the development of your project. At no hidden costs, they deliver high quality services for your business. Get regular updates from them on a daily basis.
Benefits of Part time hiring
  • Timings: 4 hours a day, 5 days a week
  • Communication channels: Chat, IM, Email
  • Holidays: Weekends, Indian festivals
  • Billing: Monthly
  • Hiring period: At least 2 months
  • Smooth development process
For those who want superior quality project development at an economical package, our hourly hiring model works best for them. Avail maximum ROI through our highly specialized team members working exclusively on your project for fixed number of hours each day.
Benefits of Hourly Hiring
  • Timings: 8 hours a day, 5 days a week
  • Communication channels: Chat, IM, Email
  • Holidays: Weekends, Indian festivals
  • Billing: Monthly
  • Hiring period: At least 2 months
  • Transparent approach

The process of hiring our developers is crystal clear. Being client centric, we focus on making our methodologies simple for them. As a part of the hiring procedure, our clients inquire, evaluate, select, pay and manage their hired resources just like their on-site projects.

Get full authority over the manpower selected and hired by you. We offer only basic supervision while you handle them just like your own staff. As mentioned above, you can stay in constant touch with your hired developers to get an insight on your project at each step..

Once you decide to outsource your project or product, the first thing that bothers you is choosing right model of engagement that assures you minimum risk with optimum returns. Choosing the right engagement model is decisive factor for success of any outsourced assignment. The two most prevalent engagement models for outsourcing your IT initiatives are: Engage with some software development company to do the whole project at some fixed price or Hire engineers to do the whole project at some fixed monthly fee and manage them as if they are employees of your company.

Both models have some advantages and disadvantages, and based on extensive experience of offering the two models, we tried to compare the two engagement models based on some important criteria of project execution as follows:

Scope/Requirements Require well defined SRS to estimate scope of work and cost No need for a well defined SRS, specifications can be developed partially and projects can be organized using agile methodologies
Development Methodology As defined by development team based on project nature Defined by client based on their preferences
Communication As preferred by development team, well defined communication points No communication layers, straight communication between client and the developer
Development Tools & Environment As preferred by development team for accelerated development As preferred by client
Project Management Done by Project Manager at Ways Software Client has full control over the team working for him and has to manage the whole project execution process
Deadlines & Deliverables Ways Software is responsible for meeting all deadlines & deliverable on time Client has to manage deadlines & deliverables in coordination with dedicated developer(s).
Cost Fixed Cost for entire project execution & delivery Fixed monthly billing for each developer
Reporting As per the status reporting process defined by Ways Software As per client preferences on hourly/daily/weekly basis
Quality Ways Software ensure the quality of the final solution by extensive and in-depth QA efforts Ways Software ensures the quality of development done by individual developer but do not perform additional QA of work done by dedicated developer(s)

If you are still confused about which model suits best to your requirements, do contact us. It will be interesting to know your requirements and suggest you the best option.
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